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Stepping in Poo: Getting a Handle on Unhelpful Thinking

May 24, 2020

Yes. You read that title correctly. I want to talk about stepping in poo. 

Imagine that I’m walking along, walking along, and  - “squish” – I step in...

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Psychological Strength in the Face of a Pandemic

Mar 15, 2020

Strap in. This week’s message is a long one, but it’s timely.

Unless you’ve been living so far off the grid that a global pandemic can’t reach you anyways, you’ve...

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Creating a Life of Meaning after Adversity

Oct 30, 2019

It is a fact of life that we are all going to experience adversity at times. Life hands us circumstances in the form of hardship, trauma, or other difficulty, and we’re left to try to...

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