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True mental wellbeing requires more than an underutilized EAP and a meditation app.

Mental health goes beyond diagnosable mental illness and is something that affects everyone. Maximizing mental health and psychological wellbeing is important, especially for professional organizations. The less resilient and mentally flexible your team is, the less likely it is that your organization will reach its goals.

It does not work to simply:

  • Draw a line between your employees’ personal and professional lives and expect them to be able to show up and perform at their peak, no matter what is going on in their lives.
  • Hope employees will stumble upon the resources they need through your EAP or in the healthcare system.
  • Throw your hands up, assuming there’s nothing you can do or giving in to mental health stigma.

For your ORGANIZATION to thrive, your PEOPLE need to thrive.
What if you could give your employees information, techniques, and tools to help them build psychological strength, flexibility, and resilience to thrive in all aspects of their lives?

Peak Mind exists to help people THRIVE.

We teach your employees and executives the psychological strength skills they need to flexibly and effectively meet life's demands, both inside and outside of the office.

Speaking & Training Options

Peak Mind trainings are artfully crafted to create big shifts quickly. Our training materials and programs teach evidence-based, powerful tools and techniques that support mental health and wellbeing, contribute to effective performance, amplify traditional leadership skills training, and cultivate collaborative team members. 



Live or virtual keynote sessions from Peak Mind are designed to deliver an emotional, informative experience to audiences of all sizes. 


Hands on workshops, delivered in person or virtually, allow your team or organization to immediately apply cutting-edge psychological science and tools in their lives. 

Digital Trainings

Choose a custom training or a training from our existing library to deliver the power of psychological insight to your entire organization at scale.

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