Nima Rahmany - How to Become Trigger Proof

May 06, 2020

Today’s episode is a deep one. We’re diving straight to the heart of a set of topics that are responsible for more suffering, stress, and anxiety in people’s lives than any others. 

Today we’re speaking with Dr. Nima Rahmany. Dr. Rahmany is a chiropractor turned educator whose goal is to help people locate, understand, and heal their own inner suffering and trauma so that they might live better and connect to others on a deeper level. 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Radical responsibility and how we all must take 100% responsibility for 100% of the situations we find ourselves in 
  • Intergenerational suffering and the ways in which our past trauma and experience dictate the ways we relate to our children and other close relationships around us, perpetuating unhelpful patterns. 
  • The involuntary or unconscious way many of us live – So much of our life is spent on auto-pilot, and Dr. Rahmany gives us tactical tools for breaking that cycle 
  • Triggers – What they are, the role they serve in our lives, and how we can become “trigger proof.” 

You’re going to want to listen to this episode twice. There’s so much value in it. Please take this episode as a wake-up call to be an active driver of your own life.  

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