What is Radical Responsibility and How Can You Cultivate It?

Sep 13, 2019

Everyone has been given 1 life to live, but sadly, not everyone is an active participant in their own life.  

One of the key reasons for this is that they are not willing to accept responsibility for that active role. They are not willing to take radical responsibility for their life. 

This is the focus of today’s podcast episode. 

Today, we’re talking about the topic of radical responsibility, which means taking 100% responsibility for 100% of the situations you find yourself in.  

In this episode, I talk about what radical responsibility is, and what it’s not. I talk about why it’s so absolutely critical that you cultivate it. How to spot areas of your life where you aren’t taking responsibility, and then I take you through a 3-step life design process for beginning to regain control.  

Taking radical responsibility for my life was one of the most transformative and powerful things I’ve ever done. And, I want the same for you. I want YOU to be the active creator of your own life that you deserve to be. I want you to have the most aligned life experience possible, and taking radical responsibility for your life is the first step.  

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