Build the Psychological Strength to Overcome Unhealthy Habits with Glenn Livingston

Sep 04, 2019

This episode will change your life.  

We all have habits that we want to change. Maybe we want to eat healthier, drink less, or exercise more. You’ve likely set a goal to change a particularly difficult habit....and then failed. Likely multiple times. 

We set New Years’ resolutions, and they fall through.  

Habit change is hard. 

Today, we’re featuring Dr. Glenn Livingston, author of the book “Never Binge Again” on the podcast. Not only is he a Ph.D. trained psychologist, but he himself lost 80 pounds by using the pillars of psychological strength to change his own behavior. 

During his interview we dive deep into the areas of your brain that control habitual behavior and how they can trick you into giving up on your goals to change your own habits. We talk about the role of intentionally cultivating self-awareness and psychological strength to begin pushing back against the urges and impulses of our “reptilian brain.”  

And at the end, Dr. Livingston gives actionable tips about how to get started in changing a difficult habit TODAY, and a heap of free resources to help support you in your journey. 

We’re thrilled to partner with Dr. Glenn Livingston on this episode of Building Psychological Strength. 

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