Behind every member of your organization is a human being.

When they thrive, your organization thrives.

We help people thrive.

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We're in the midst of a mental health epidemic.

The less resilient and mentally flexible your team is, the less likely it is your organization will reach its goals. 

It does not work to simply:

  • Draw a line between your employees' personal and professional lives and expect them to be able to show up and perform at their peak, no matter what is going on in their lives.
  • Offer only an EAP, which operates on the same 'Emergency Room model' that is failing the broader field of Psychology, ignoring the preventive mental wellbeing activities that strengthen your employees before they experience a crisis.
  • Throw your hands up, assume there's nothing you can do about mental health stigma, and accept microscopic engagement numbers.

For your ORGANIZATION to thrive, your PEOPLE need to thrive. 

What if you could teach your employees techniques and information that helps them build psychological strength, flexibility, and resilience to thrive in all aspects of their lives?

This is why Peak Mind exists, and we're here to help you and your organization THRIVE.

The Peak Mind Approach

Is Mental Health Preventive Care

What if you blindly moved through life without any concern for your health until you had a problem so big it landed you in the Emergency Room? That's how the mental health field is operating today. Peak Mind combines mental health preventive care with psycho-education to help employees build resilience, flexibility, and strength before a crisis occurs.

Is Backed by Science

Everything we do is informed by the most cutting-edge psychological research and data. Our work is based on the most effective mental health techniques being used in the field today, but we teach them in a way that is more approachable, less stuffy, and more engaging.

Reduces Stigma

Peak Mind positions its platform as a complement to executive leadership programs and employee development programs, rather than as an EAP or therapy supplement. By positioning our tools and platform as a personal / employee / leadership development program, employees feel more comfortable engaging with the platform.

Peak Mind Psych Strength Platform

Finally a resource that helps employees and teams build mental resilience, flexibility, and strength so they can perform at their peak! Professionally-designed, digitally-delivered, and created with organizations of your size in mind. 

Give your employees and teams access to:

  • Tools that help them build skills in stress-management, resilience, communication, and so much more. All tools include educational videos, self-exploration workbooks, and behavior change challenges designed to help your team build new resilience skills that stick.
  • In-the-moment interventions designed to help your team overcome feelings of overwhelm or stress, right when they're happening.

All of our content is based on cutting-edge psychological research and techniques to ensure we're delivering tools that are actually effective. 

Founded by two doctoral-level psychologists

Dr. Ashley Smith

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Ashley has practiced as a licensed clinical psychologist for almost 15 years. Specializing in the treatment of anxiety-related issues, Ashley is an expert in psychological treatments that help people understand the ways in which their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors interrelate.

On the personal side, Ashley lives with a degenerative eye disorder that causes her to experience increasing levels of blindness. 

Not only is Ashley a true expert through her professional training and experience, but she has had personal experience using the tools and techniques that she teaches to live a fulfilling life, even in the face of adversity.

Dr. April Seifert

Social Cognitive Psychologist & Life Design Strategist

April holds a Ph.D. in Social Cognitive Psychology. This means, she has spent over a decade studying the ways our minds store information, form habitual and subconscious thought processes, and how all of that impacts our behavior and our life experience.

Like Ashley, April has experienced tremendous adversity in her life. After losing her father to cancer at a very young age, April herself was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a rare, unpredictable condition that she has lived with for over 25 years.

Finally, April's expertise and experience as a Life Design Strategist arose in her entrepreneurial ventures using the human-centered design process. She, too, uses her professional expertise within her own life to thrive!

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