Uncover and eliminate YOUR self-limiting beliefs!

Using cutting-edge tools, techniques, and brain science!

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Every single person in the world has self-limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

  • Learn the brain science behind self-limiting beliefs to weaken their hold on you
  • Uncover your own self-limiting beliefs
  • Create new, empowering beliefs to reach your limitless potential

What you're getting inside this course

This course is packed with tools, techniques, and brain science in the form of 7 powerful modules and 12 hands-on exercises to help you reach your limitless potential!

Module 1

Get fired up to make the most of the course with an overview and an introduction from your instructors, April and Ashley.

Module 2

Learn the brain science behind beliefs and self-limiting beliefs. Understanding what they are will already begin to weaken their impact on you.

Module 3

Self-limiting beliefs form in many different ways - that's why they're so impactful on us. Learn how they form so that you can spot the sources of your limitation in your own life.

Module 4

Self-limiting beliefs powerfully hold us back from achieving our true potential. Learn why they're so impactful in your life to understand where their power comes from...and how to minimize it.

Module 5

It's time to zero in on YOUR self-limiting beliefs. Don't worry, we're here to support you. Hands on exercises will help you uncover your self-limiting beliefs. You'll be surprised at just how pervasive they likely are.

Module 6

Once you know what your self-limiting beliefs are, you can begin to create new, empowering beliefs. The exercises in this module will help you do just that!

Module 7

Creating empowering beliefs are one thing, but we want them to STICK. This module will give you tools to cement those new empowering beliefs in your mind and create new mental habits around them.


Don't spend another day being held back by your self-limiting beliefs. Enroll today, and begin reaching for your limitless potential!

Stop letting your self-limiting beliefs hold you back!

Self-limiting beliefs hold us back in nearly every facet of our lives, including:

  • Our self-confidence and the way we view ourselves
  • The size of the goals we set
  • Whether we're successful in achieving those goals
  • How we relate to others
  • How much money we make
  • The type of job we'll apply for
  • The quality of relationships we think we deserve
  • And so many more!

You get one life. Don't live a passive, half-life because you let your self-limiting beliefs hold you back from reaching your limitless potential.

Learn from 2 doctoral-level psychologists!

Ever wonder whether the instructors of an online course are even qualified to teach the content of the course? Ashley and April went to graduate school...so you don't have to.


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