0345 | The Psychology of Parental Guilt

Apr 27, 2022
Peak Mind
0345 | The Psychology of Parental Guilt

If you're a parent and you've ever felt guilty for taking a break, raise your hand! (April raises her hand.)

Parental guilt is all too familiar for so many of us. Taking care of our little ones is challenging, and sometimes, you just need a break. But, the second you get one, the guilt creeps in. I find that situations like these are easier to handle when we understand WHY we're feeling that way. That's exactly what we're digging into in this episode.

Specifically, we're going to talk about 2 concepts that you've probably heard about if you've ever taken an introductory psychology course, but we're going to apply them to this common, real-world situation. We're going to cover each concept in-depth, we'll talk about the brain science behind them, and then we'll unpack how they contribute to the parental guilt that so many of us feel on a regular basis.

I'll be honest, I can't take the guilt away. However, I hope this episode arms you with a powerful set of tools that you can use to dilute it out the next time it happens. Remember, psychological strength is a set of skills - you have to practice to get the full effect.

Hang in there, parents, you're doing great!

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