0343 | Cultivating Wellbeing Professionally and Personally

Apr 13, 2022
Peak Mind
0343 | Cultivating Wellbeing Professionally and Personally

If the last 2 years have taught us one thing it is this: people's lives don't exist in silos. The experiences, stresses, and challenges people face in their personal lives bleed over into their professional lives, and vice versa. It has never been more apparent that we need to support people in a more holistic, human way than right now.

As we look to the future and anticipate yet another stage of change, I wanted to have a conversation about how we support our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our teams and colleagues at work. To do this, I've enlisted the help of my friend, Ryan Wolf, Wellbeing Lead for Gallup.

During our conversation, Ryan and I dive into what wellbeing truly means. We talk about how it has changed in the last decade or so, and anticipate even more change in the coming few years. We talk about how critical it is for companies and employers to support their teams on a more holistic, human level, and we talk about how to go about it.

Finally, you won't want to miss our conversation about our predictions for the return-to-office transition.

Additional Resources:

  1. Listen to a recent episode about how to design your WFH life: https://www.peakmindpsychology.com/blog/0331
  2. Want to help your team navigate change? Here's en episode designed to hlep you do just that: https://www.peakmindpsychology.com/blog/0334
  3. Check out an article Ryan recommended about the 7 different types of rest: https://ideas.ted.com/the-7-types-of-rest-that-every-person-needs/
  4. Learn more about Gallup: https://www.gallup.com/home.aspx
  5. Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-wolf-57260835/

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