0342 | Achieving Peak Performance (without Burnout)

Apr 06, 2022
Peak Mind
0342 | Achieving Peak Performance (without Burnout)

What does it mean for you to "perform well" or "win" today? Have you ever stopped to consider that? One more question, as a high-achieving person or a top-performing person, have you ever stopped to consider times when it might be ok for you to show up intentionally looking to achieve at a B+ level?

These questions sound like heresy when we put them in the context of our traditional, high-pressure professional world. However, as we've learned from the pandemic and from some very high-profile athletes more recently, no one, even high achievers, is infallible.

If you are a human being with a body and a mind, you have limits. You have needs. And, you simply can not perform at 150% all the time. And today, we're speaking with an expert who will help us sort through all of that.

Today's guest is Lauren Ammon. She is a certified coach who works with athletes of all levels. She helps people acknowledge and recognize their own humanity. She helps people create as much psychological and emotional support for themselves as they do for their physical wellbeing.

This episode is for you if you're the type of person who holds yourself to standards that are nearly unachievable. I know you'll get some valuable insight and action out of this powerful conversation.

Additional Resources:

  1. Listen to my conversation with Gail Golden about Curating Your Life and Managing Your Energy: https://www.peakmindpsychology.com/blog/0242
  2. Check out our blog post "Creating the Conditions to Thrive:" https://www.peakmindpsychology.com/blog/Creating-the-conditions-to-thrive
  3. Connect with Lauren and grab a copy of her free resource: https://www.laurenammon.com/


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