0284 [LIFE] How to Heal Emotional Trauma with Cedric Bertelli

Jul 07, 2021
Emotional Trauma

How many times have you experienced a strong, negative emotion and acted in a way that you later regret? How many times have you experienced intense fear, anger, or anxiety, seemingly out of the blue? These experiences are what's called disruptive emotional patterns, and they can be changed.

Today's guest is Cedric Bertelli, the founder of the Emotional Health Institute. Through is work, he helps people recognize and overcome disruptive emotional patterns that interfere with their lives. Through a process called Emotional Resolution or EmRes, he helps people retrain their mind to more accurately respond to day-to-day life and move past disruptive emotional patterns.

I personally found incredible value in this episode, particularly as we spoke about our ability to use our bodily sensations as a guide in this process. I know you'll get incredible insight from this conversation.

Learn more about the Emotional Health Institute: https://www.emotionalhealthinstitute.org/

During this episode I mentioned last week's episode with Dr. Richard Nisbett. You can check that episode out here: www.peakmindpsychology.com/blog/0281

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