Design Your Way Into The Future with a Calendar Audit

Dec 30, 2020
Life Design

As you look back on the past year, are you happy with how you spent your time? How about as you look forward. Do you feel confident that you have a crystal clear picture of how you want your days to look and feel in the coming well as how to make that happen? 

One practice I’ve been doing on a semi-annual basis for the past few years is a calendar audit. This is a time set aside for us to intentionally look at how we’re spending our time, and set some general ground rules to bring our lives into better alignment as we look ahead. 

To that end, this week’s episode is a bit different. It’s actually a hands on episode where we guide you through the 10 steps we take to conducting a calendar audit and ending up with an “ideal week” that serves as a compass for how you make decisions about how to spend your time going forward.  

None of us will ever hit our ideal 100% of the time, but imagine how great an intentional B- will feel if it’s in the direction of your ideal.  

As we close out 2020 (April throws confetti), we wanted to give you the gift of time through this powerful, hands on episode. We hope you find it valuable! 

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