How to Develop Habits that Change Your Life

Oct 07, 2020
Life design

Have you ever wondered why we judge? Or, how about why we feel afraid to be who we really are? Or, why we see other people going after big goals and achieving things they want to achieve, but we feel stuck. 

As it turns out, there is a common core: a lack of self-trust. 

Today, we’re speaking with Blake D. Bauer, author of the international bestselling book ‘You Were Not Born to Suffer.’ Blake is an expert in the realm of self-love and self-trust, and he takes a unique approach by using mindfulness as a way to begin to develop both. 

I’ll tell you, mindfulness and self-trust are two of the most impactful, foundational psychological strength building techniques, and I’m thrilled to have had the chance to dive into them with Blake during this episode. 

We had such a robust conversation about: 

  • What mindfulness is! It sounds so simple, but the concept of mindfulness gets so over-complicated in the media today. Blake breaks it down for us.
  • How to understand the core of many of our problems as a society today and the role that a lack of self-trust and self-love plays. 
  • How to cultivate self-trust on a daily basis 
  • How all of this feeds into psychological strength 

As someone who works on these skills every single day, it was so refreshing to speak with Blake. He’s another person who understands the impact that psychological strength can have in your life, and his compassion for helping others do the same is so evident in this interview.  

Other resources you might be interested in are: 

  • The Peak Mind Starter Pack – a free resource for digging into some of the basis principles of psychological strength 
  • An Unteathered Soul – a book that dives into many of the same concepts we covered in this interview 
  • Transcend – another book that dives into the importance of fulfilling our own needs so that we might be able to be of more value to others. 

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