5 Principles of Life Design

Sep 30, 2020
Life design

This episode will change your life...if you let it. 

This week, we’re digging deep into the concept of Life Design. Specifically, we’re going over the 5 principles that you have to work within in order to experience the shift that Life Design has to offer. 

In this episode, you’ll hear first-hand why I am so passionate about Life Design. You’ll hear about my own confrontation with mortality and the license, permission, and motivation it gave me. I want that same thing for you. 

We’ll go over the 5 principles and what they mean at their core.  

I’ll challenge you to look for them in your own life.  

My biggest goal for you is that you live like your life depends on it...because it does. Tune in to this episode and allow it to change your life for the better! 

At the beginning of this episode, we mentioned a free resource. As school has begun for many families, a lot of you are feeling stretched thin. You might be feeling overwhelmed, nervous, or your perfectionism might be getting the best of you. Sign up at www.peakmindpsycholgy.com/support to get immediate access to three 3-6 minute interventions to help you return to balance, control, and ease.  

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