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You are the Asset

Jul 01, 2020

Let’s take just a moment to review all of the people who rely on you in a given week.  

Your partner. Your kids. Your team at work. Your broader family. Your friends. That's a lot...and it can be overwhelming at times

You’ve probably seen the social media meme that says, “Self care isn’t selfish!” It’s typically written in some kind of flowy font on top of a photo of a woman in a bubble bath.  

But, for the number of times you’ve seen that meme, ‘liked’ that meme, nodded along with that meme, and even repeated that meme to other people in your life, do you actually practice it? 

When the rubber hits the road and you have to choose between showing up for someone else’s wants and needs when you’re maxed out and need a break, what do you choose? 

Time and time again, we see people forego their own needs to continue to deliver for, show up for, and take care of others, and it’s to their own detriment. 

In this episode, we’re tackling this head-on by addressing one fundamental truth: If so many people are relying on you, that means you’re a very important person in that equation. It means you’re an asset. And an asset is something that needs to be protected in order to retain its value.  

Let that sink in. 

You are the asset. 

Protect the asset. 

Consider this our battle-cry to achievers everywhere! If you play an important role in others’ lives, you need to protect yourself so that you can continue to show up the way you want to and the way they need you to.  

You are the asset. 


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