The Technology Behind Mental Well-Being

Jun 10, 2020

Have you ever wondered how some of the best mental well-being apps came to be? Apps like Happify, Headspace, and Muse. How did they come to be, and how did they scale to the point that they’ve touched over 100 million people? 

Today we’re getting a little glimpse behind that curtain as we speak with Charlie Hartwell. Charlie is a partner within the influential investor group, Bridge Builders Collaborative. This group was the first to see, understand, and invest in startups within the consumer technological health market. They are now pioneers in the new arena of health and well-being centered around human consciousness. 

Charlie also works alongside his wife in the ShiftIt Institute, an organization aimed at raising the consciousness of the world.  

During our conversation we talk about: 

  • The importance of mental health and well-being and how the science behind it is becoming so much more available, making it an area that people are willing to invest their time and energy in. 
  • Charlie’s own personal story of aligning the work he’s doing to his strengths and value system 
  • What it means to “go deeper” and use his work to make a bigger, global impact 
  • The big reason why he invests in companies in the mental health and well-being space and what he’s trying to accomplish on a global scale 

This is such a valuable conversation as we think about the importance of the work we’re each doing in our own lives. It’s a testament to the importance of building psychological strength and practicing life design.  

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