Mindfulness as a Tool to Thrive through Adversity

Apr 01, 2020

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If you’re searching for tools and techniques to help you maintain resilience in the face of the uncertain times we’re in, this episode is for you. 

A few months back, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ariel Garten, mindfulness expert, and Founder of the company Muse. Muse makes a brain-sensing headband that helps people meditate more effectively. 

Through my connection with Ariel, I was able to get an interview with this week’s guest. Patricia Karpas is a former media executive, the Head of Content for Muse, and the founder of Meditation Studio, a 5-star meditation app. She’s with us this week to help us understand the power of mindfulness during uncertain times like these and, more importantly, to help us get started.  

During this episode we talk about: 

  • What mindfulness means in these uncertain times 
  • The benefits of meditation both now and in our normal lives 
  • How your breath serves as an anchor in times of panic and chaos 
  • The impact of meditation on the way your brain responds to threats 
  • The importance of a gratitude practice 

We also highlight a number of resources for you: 

I hope this episode serves as an actionable tool for you to cultivate a practice that will benefit you now and well into the future. Please share this with someone else who might benefit.

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