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What is Perfectly Hidden Depression? with Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Feb 19, 2020

I stumbled upon this week’s guest on Lewis Howes’ podcast, ‘The School of Greatness,’ and I was only about 5 minutes into that episode when I realized that she needed to be on our show as well.  

This week, we’re speaking with Dr. Margaret Rutherford, clinical psychologist and author of the new book “Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression.”  

This is such a powerful episode because Dr. Rutherford’s work hits on some of the basic things we can all do to foster self-compassion and self-acceptance.   

In this episode, Margaret shares with us: 

  • Three different types of perfectionism and how they link to and mask depression 
  • The link between perfectly hidden depression and where we place our value as a human being 
  • The role that shame plays in perpetuating this cycle 
  • How to accept ourselves and develop self-compassion for our whole selves, not just our strengths  

Margaret also gives us a peek into the methodology she teaches in her book by offering 3 actionable steps you can take to develop even greater self-awareness in this area and move forward in the direction of ridding yourself from some of the shame you might be feeling.  

This episode is a powerful reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves and loving our whole selves, faults and all.  

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