How to Build Psychological Strength Through Parenting

Jan 01, 2020

Hey, parents out there, this week’s episode is one you won’t want to miss.  

During a challenging time with your child, have you ever questioned yourself and wondered whether you were doing the right thing? Wondered whether it is better to engage with my child in this moment or ignore them? Wondered whether you’re causing psychological problems or distress when your child is crying or screaming at the top of their lungs.  

This week’s episode is for you.  

This week, we’re speaking with Dr. Karen Cassiday, Clinical Psychologist, former President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and expert in the area of building psychological strength in children.  

In this episode, we get into some really valuable conversations about: 

  • What is the role / responsibility of a parent versus that of the child?  
  • The importance of directing yourself toward raising a kid who is a competent adult who can live without you. 
  • Why happy is not a good goal.”  
  • The difference between self-esteem and self-worth 
  • The science behind temper tantrums and how to handle them.  

I know you’ll get so much value from this conversation with Karen Cassiday! 

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