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Moving Toward a Better Vision for Your Life

Oct 23, 2019

This is a really neat week on the podcast. We're essentially clearing up some misconceptions this week.

As yoga and meditation have become more mainstream, we've lost a bit of the impact that these practices can have. We all know that yoga can make you more flexible, but what about the impact it can have as a mind-clearing tool to set you up for a more successful meditation practice? 

We're diving deep into these topics today, as well as the topics of visioning and life design. I couldn't be more excited!

Today you'll meet Megan Betterman. Megan is a digital marketing leader within the Web & Mobile team at a large healthcare company. She is also a wellness consultant, yoga instructor and certified Gyrotonic trainer.

She combines movement, meditation and visioning into impactful programs and experiences to encourage deep reflection and self-discovery.

Megan earned a Master of Business Administration from St. Catherine University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of St. Thomas. She spends her free time on her own health and wellness adventure, traveling the world and playing in nature.

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