How to Successfully Navigate Your Toughest Conversations with Intention and Empathy with AmyK Hutchens

Sep 11, 2019

Think back to the last time you had to have a really tough conversation. Maybe it was a difficult conversation with your spouse, a friend, or someone at work. Maybe it was a family member or an employee. No matter what, there’s no denying how terrifying these conversations can be. 

This week, we’re talking to AmyK Hutchens. She is an internationally-renowned speaker, and an expert who teaches people how to confidently & competently navigate their toughest conversations without saying something they regret, giving their power away, or damaging their relationships. 

In this interview, AmyK gives us so many actionable ways to approach our toughest conversations from the mindset that we need to cultivate before we even begin the conversation, down to specific phrases we can use to quickly build connection and empathy with the person we’re talking to. 

AmyK is truly masterful, and we’re so thrilled to have her on the podcast this week. Please visit her at to take advantage of so many resources that she gives away for free, and be on the lookout for her new book coming in February, 2020. 

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