Creating Your Most Unapologetic Life with Jasna Burza

Aug 05, 2019

NOTE: This is a legacy episode from the Women Inspired podcast, before it transitioned to be the Building Psychological Strength podcast. While you will hear some mention of the Women Inspired brand during this episode, the content is highly relevant to the goals of Peak Mind, which is why we have included it here. Enjoy!

For a little while now, I have been working behind the scenes to develop some new content and new areas within, and outside of, the Women Inspired brand and I'm so excited to share this new work with the world, but I'm also feeling a bit stuck.

It's that old, familiar script: "April, are you sure you're skilled enough to pull something like this off?" "Lots of people try and fail at things like this." "I doubt anyone will even be interested in what you're putting out there."

Bring on the self-limiting beliefs!

While I'm definitely not immune to the same self-limiting beliefs that everyone else experiences, I refuse to be held back by them. I decided to find some support to help me through this process, and wow did the universe deliver!

Just as I was looking for a business coach to help me during this transition phase, the universe sent me Jasna Burza, and I am thrilled to share her with you on this week's episode.

Jasna Burza is a life and business strategist and founder of Minneapolis Mastermind. She grew up in a refugee camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina and as a result, she loves teaching resilience and using challenges to create a better life. Her mission in life is to help people wake up feeling good about themselves and go to bed grateful for what they have. 

First off, you will be absolutely moved by Jasna's back-story and her personal story of adaptation and resiliance. 

Beyond that, Jasna shares so much wisdom with us. We talk about:

  • Resilience and adaptation and how we all can move through difficult periods of our lives.
  • Why we should be grateful....but not satisfied with what we have.
  • The notion of investment periods in our lives and how they can massively pay off in our businesses.
  • The magic of the Minneapolis Mastermind and what happens when women come together to support one another.

It is with so much love and gratitude that I introduce you to Jasna Burza on this week's podcast episode!

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