Living Your Life Full Throttle with Lisa Brouwer

Aug 05, 2019

NOTE: This is a legacy episode from the Women Inspired podcast, before it transitioned to be the Building Psychological Strength podcast. While you will hear some mention of the Women Inspired brand during this episode, the content is highly relevant to the goals of Peak Mind, which is why we have included it here. Enjoy!

What is YOUR inner rumble? You know, that idea or goal that just won't leave you alone. That thing that you want to do or try that you just can't get out of your head.

We'll dive into that very topic this week with Lisa Brouwer of Full Throttle Living. After 22 years of sales and leadership experience in corporate America, Lisa traded her high heels for Harley boots and her briefcase for saddlebags. She now travels a high-octane highway; empowering individuals and organizations to kick their potential into high gear.

Talk about my kind of person!

We'll dive into her story, and she'll share with us the 5-minute exercise she did a few years ago that changed the trajectory of her life forever. She'll also talk about her experience traveling coast-to-coast on her Harley Davidson motorcycle to retrace the steps of 2 courageous women who made the trip in 1915.

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