LIMITLESS: How Your Identity Creates Self-Limiting Beliefs

You've probably heard about self-limiting beliefs (those assumptions about ourselves and the world that hold us back), but have you ever stopped to consider how they form? Where do they come from? And, why are they so influential?

Through this live 60-minute, hands-on webinar, you'll:

  • learn how your identity leads to self-limiting beliefs.
  • gain clarity about your own self-imposed limitations.
  • know what to do to break free.

Your mind can be your most valuable asset or your biggest liability. You get to choose. 


At Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength, we are committed to bringing you cutting edge tools and actionable information, drawn from the fields of Psychology and Life Design, to help you transform the way you experience life. 

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Are you ready for a LIMITLESS future?

Meet your presenters, the co-founders of Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength

April Seifert, PhD is a Social Cognitive Psychologist, Serial Entrepreneur, Life Design Strategist, and Life Experience Junkie.

Ashley Smith, PhD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety Expert, Entrepreneur, and Self-Proclaimed Happiness Quester.


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